‘Keepsakes’ playthrough resumes tonight!

 VooDoo Dolly here!Join us tonight at 7PM CST as we resume our playthrough of 'Keepsakes!'When we last left off, our heroes learned of a bridge that may lead them to Ann. They take it and come upon an abandoned store, where they battle cursed cutlery, an evil Jack-in-the-Box, and some haunted mannequin heads. They venture further into the building and find...Ann! Ann requests help in dealing with a group of mischievous inklings that she believes may have scared the shop owner away. The team realizes that before the inklings will come out they must first deal with the evil Bogies…

Players and Playtesters Wanted!

 VooDoo Dolly here, hoping everyone had a fantastic weekend! We are looking for players for our upcoming Fox Magic stream, and a second group of playtesters for Keepsakes! Days and times will be determined based on everyone's availability. If you're interested, DM us on our social media platforms or email us at foolsmoonei@gmail.com!Stay safe! 

Fox Magic!

 Voodoo Dolly here! We're working hard on Keepsakes, but while we're doing that I want to introduce you to one of our current titles, Fox Magic! Fox Magic is a narrative game where the players create a den of kitsune - Japanese fox spirits, to protect their domain.  The setting-agnostic engine allows the game master to run the game in any world, any genre, and any time period. The rules allow the game master to set the backdrop, while allowing the players the freedom to innovate and expand on each scene, creating new events, new characters to interact with, and tell their…

Important info re: Tonight’s Stream

 VooDoo Dolly here! Unfortunately, we are postponing tonight's Keepsakes stream due to an emergency. We apologize for this last-minute cancellation but it couldn't be helped. In the meantime, we will post updates to the schedule as soon as we know them. Stay safe!  

‘Keepsakes’ March 11 Stream Recap

 Voodoo Dolly here, bringing you a recap of last Thursday's Keepsakes playtest before we kick off tonight's stream! When we last left off, our heroes were once again dealing with the Great Winged One! After convincing her they were not a threat and took refuge inside the trunk of the tree. There, they met a snake that told them of a bridge they could cross that could lead them to where Ann might be. They find it, and after crossing with no issues, took the sewer to get across the street to an abandoned store and factory. After dealing with some cursed…

New Episode of ‘The Story Told’ Podcast!

 VooDoo Dolly here! Hope you're staying safe and well! A new episode of The Story Told podcast is up! Fall of Jiara 39: Crowned in SilverThe Dragon-Blooded in Jiara confirm the Lunar's cover identity. V'neef Kai confronts the Anathema. Sanzo questions him afterwards and they discuss how to break the news to Sarissa, who has been absorbed in her projects.Listen at thestorytold.foolsmoon.ca or at http://thestorytold.libsyn.com! 

‘Keepsakes’ Schedule Change

Voodoo Dolly here! We've made a necessary change to our Twitch schedule. In order to accommodate the schedules of our playtesters, we will be streaming 'Keepsakes' on Tuesdays only, and it will start at the same time(7PM CST). If you missed any of our past streams you can catch up at twitch.tv/foolsmoonentertainmentinc or on our YouTube channel at  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4Xpg_DZfhoAGbotTQZ14mQ!We also have some fun, exciting things in the works so stay tuned for updates! 

‘Keepsakes’ Recap and Stream!

 VooDoo Dolly here, bringing you a recap of our last Keepsakes playtest! During our last stream, our team of brave Widdershin narrowly avoided a vicious attack by El Gato! After some distractions by Socks and some fast-talking by Drifter, they escape with their wits intact and head back to the little girl’s bedroom. Buttons reads the note and discovers she ran away to look for her doll, Sally. Buttons and Socks join forces to track the girl to a quiet road where she’s looking for her doll, and she soon discovers the Widdershin and after a failed attempt at communication, brings them…

‘Keepsakes’ Stream Tonight!

Voodoo Dolly here! Our third installment of the Keepsakes playtest will be live on Twitch tonight starting at 7PM CST! Last week, our intrepid team of Widdershin were searching for Ann, another Widdershin that had gone missing. They managed to evade the infamous El Gato, but not without attracting the attention of the humans and nearly becoming dinner for two very skittish rats in a bedroom closet. After Drifter channeled his inner Kool-Aid man to break through the rat hole into the living room they once again encounter the deadly El Gato! Will they be able to escape his clutches and…

‘The Story Told,’ Episode 72

 Voodoo Dolly here! As per usual, I hope you're all doing well and staying safe! While we've been hard at work playtesting Keepsakes, The Story Told podcast has posted their newest episode! This week, Logan and Griffin sit down to discuss Uncanny, the expansion to the award-winning game Sleepaway. They also have a surprise as the end of the episode!Listen on the website or on Apple podcasts! 

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